example graphicHow resilient is the new music sector? What can we all do to ensure a vibrant future for our art form?

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Comments on the Ministry of Arts Draft Guidelines into The National Program for Excellence in the Arts close 5pm, 31 July 2015. More information here.


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'Presenting New Music' Workshop Series: BOOK NOW: Sydney 8 August @2pm. Join the discussion on the practical implications of presenting new music in Australia in 2015 with three Workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, featuring internationally renowned panelists and specialists. MORE HERE

NMN Concert Series: A Collaborative Program supporting over 12 new music network performances across the country. MORE HERE

New Music Network Mini Series

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Support emerging new music artists in our new Music Network Mini Series Events in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Melboure. TICKETS ONLINE HERE

The 17th Annual Peggy Glanville Hicks Address in 2015 is presented by one of Australia's pre-eminent conductors and internationally respected music educators, Richard Gill OAM, in both Sydney and Melbourne. MORE HERE

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With its eyes and ears to experimental and art music excellence in Australia and abroad, the New Music Network provides a vital forum for support, collaboration and publicity to its members and emerging new music specialists. Now more than ever it is important to band together to ensure the vibrant future of art music in Australia. Join!


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The New Music Network (NMN) promotional double CD features live and studio recordings from 27 NMN members. Some of the tracks are available on our MySpace page. This is the fourth edition of the biennial NMN CD and gives an insight into the exciting and creative presentation of new music in Australia. The CD features improvised works and new compositions - many of which have been created by the artists themselves. To find out how you can obtain a copy simply email