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Presenting New Music: HOW DO I GET MY MUSIC OUT THERE?

Workshop : 9am-6pm, Saturday 9 August 2014, 107 Projects Space, Redfern

New Music Network is presenting a workshop for prospective entrepreneurs in new and experimental music. Key speakers are Andrew Batt-Rawden, John Davis, Claire Edwardes, Damien Ricketson, Louis Garrick, Cat Hope, Joanne Kee, Paul Mason and James Nightingale. The first 10 to register receive a FREE ticket to Ghan Tracks with Ensemble Offspring and Speak Percussion. ...Register today.

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Clocked Out | Early Warning System

Visby Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse: 8pm, Wed 9 July 2014

Early Warning System make sounds out of anything – cicadas, galahs, desert winds, and morse code have all inspired the ensemble to make their unique brand of percussion-driven music. They combine deep grooves, meditative chord clusters and punchy syncopations to bring to life musical compositions by Erik Griswold (Give Us This Day, 2013), Kate Neal (What Hath II, 2012), Anthony Pateras (All of Your Nightmares at Once, 2012), Michael Askill (new work, 2014) and Vanessa Tomlinson (Static, 2014). Artits: Michael Askill, Vanessa Tomlinson, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Nozomi Omote and Cameron Kennedy. ...More info.

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Acacia Quartet | Out of the Box

45 Downstairs, Vic: 7.30pm, Mon 21 July 2014

Acacia Quartet explores new frontiers by commissioning jazz pianist and composer, Joe Chindamo, to write his first string quartet. Chindamo, who is equally gifted as composer, arranger and improviser, is known to skate effortlessly between musical genres with integrity and inventiveness, creating a unique sound which eschews boundaries. This exciting program will not only include the world premiere of Chindamo’s String Quartet but also interwoven with Osvaldo Golijov’s Tenebrae and Maurice Ravel’s timeless string quartet. ...More info.

July Events from NMN Members

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Taste of Slow Music

Northcote Uniting Church, Vic: 7.30pm, Friday 4 July 2014

Artists: Tony Gould - organ, Imogen Manins - cello, Adam Simmons - woodwinds. This special event sees Tony Gould, one of Australia's foremost musicians, composers and educators, in a rare organ performance, with long-time collaborator, Imogen Manins on cello. Adam Simmons joins on a range of woodwinds including bass sax. Get a 'taste' of what the Festival of Slow Music is all about! www.festivalofslowmusic.com ...More info.

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Ensemble Offspring | Plekto

8 July (Sydney), 11 July (Brisbane)

Ensemble Offspring traces the avant garde legacy of Iannis Xenakis in Plekto (Braids) – a virtuosic and adventurous selection of seldom heard chamber music for sextet from around the globe. The program features Charisma and Plekto by Iannis Xenakis, Kaija Saariaho’s Oi Kuu, Beat Furrer’s Lied. ...Read more

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Halcyon | Giving Voice

St Bedes Anglican Church, Drummoyne: 6pm Sat 12 July

The three works of David Lumsdaine, Elliott Gyger and Nigel Butterley in this program are by composers at the height of their writing powers. All three are drawn to vocal writing and all have found their voice through the setting of poetry to music. Conducted by Matthew Wood, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. ...More info.

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Speak Percussion

RMIT University, Design Hub: 7pm Saturday 26 July

In this special once-only event, Speak will work with one of the world’s leaders in the New Complexity movement, Richard Barrett (UK). Featuring the composer himself live on electronics, this tour de force is not be missed. Barrett’s visceral music is informed by science, ethics and mythology, and explores the utter extremes of instrumental performance. ...More info.

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Acacia Quartet | Lyle Chan

An AIDS Activist's Memoir In Music: 5, 18, 24 July, 2 Aug 2014

A memoir of the composer's 6 years as an AIDS activist during the epidemic's bleakest years in the 1990s, this work is the story of how activists transformed a stigmatized, fatal disease. Like the autobiographical quartets of Steve Reich or Shostakovich, Lyle Chan's AIDS memoir is in turns harrowing and touching but ultimately an intensely uplifting story of a community that fought against all odds for their lives and won. ...More info.

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NMN 2013 CD Sampler

The 2013 New Music Network (NMN) promotional double CD features live and studio recordings from 27 NMN members. Some of the tracks are available on our MySpace page. This is the fourth edition of the biennial NMN CD and gives an insight into the exciting and creative presentation of new music in Australia. The CD features improvised works and new compositions - many of which have been created by the artists themselves. To find out how you can obtain a copy simply email nmn@newmusicnetwork.com.au

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Join the NMN today!

Have you considered joining the New Music Network. There are many benefits for individual members including special ticket offers to performances in the annual concert series and offers from other supporting organisations. Your membership also directly helps support the Network and the vital role it plays presenting Australian artists. ...Find out more about member and the benefits.